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 Why we love what we do

When friends Troy Whiting and Joe Geisler founded 7daywknd in 2010, they wanted to offer the world the standard for today's forward thinkers- provoking a signature high-quality lifestyle brand that promotes the freedom of creativity. Standing for all things authentic, 7daywknd remains deeply rooted in the community, bringing together the best in action sports apparel and modern street fashion. With the collaboration of art, fashion, music and photography, 7daywknd transcends mediocrity,comformity and traditional means of self expression.


When creating 7daywknd the vision remained clear: create a culture of people living "the weekend" life- a free spirited, authentic, passion driven group of individuals who have dreams of making this world a more cohesive place. In the following of dreams blended with the creative energy to inspire, 7daywknd has solidified a platform for "wknders" to express their artistic talents and creative abilities.


7daywknd is about cherishing the good times, living in the now, and being a becon of inspiration to future generations in the name of art, fashion, and humanity.

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